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Observations on the German Landscape During World War II

October 21, 2017


The following is an excerpt from Journals of War, which describes some of the observations of

Captain E. J. McCully during World War II:


I was in a particularly reflective mood tonight on the drive back
from Lichtenbusch . . . I passed through the Siegfried Line with gaunt
and burned-out pillboxes staring at me, their empty casemates like the
eyes of a malignant skull. Rows and rows of the famed and pictured
“Dragon’s Teeth” painted a bilious green. “Quaint” farmhouses, in
reality, almost invulnerable pillboxes, now broken and burned. As dusk
fell, I found myself in the heart of the Wald Forest or in English, “Wild”
Forest. Its sinister appearance gave the reason for the name as self-evident.
I was forced to drive blackout, as enemy snipers and troops
were prevalent in the area, and my anxiety was somewhat caused by
the fact that I was following an illegible overlay, for they still refuse to
issue me adequate maps, although I must make these trips. Made it
okay, however, and arrived back at Moresnet in utter blackness . . .

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